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Meet the BOSS


My name is Tina Talbert. I started my fitness journey in 2013 soon after my Mother passed away from a heart attack at an early age. I lost 35 lbs (and was even able to get off blood pressure pills) in an effort to sell some weight loss shakes. Needless to say, I didn't sell hardly any shakes, but I found a love for the gym. You see, I had never even stepped foot on a treadmill until I hired a personal trainer to alleviate some of the embarrassment of not knowing what the heck to do in a gym. 1 year later I was on stage competing in my 1st bodybuilder competition. I got 2nd place. Wahoo! I am a Registered Nurse and I decided I wanted to help people avoid being my patients.

(Think Nurse Ratchet, lol)


Two of my siblings did time in prison. They both did extremely well after that. I was (and still am) so stinking proud of them, that I wanted to have a prison-themed gym to celebrate their achievements and second chances! I also worked as a Jail Nurse for a while.


The first Yard Time gym was originally in Winnabow. Two weeks after being open, Hurricane Florence came and flooded the gym with over 4 1/2 feet of swamp water. I was devastated like everyone else in the area. I had no insurance back then, either.

After a few months, we moved to higher ground in Shallotte. It was the best thing that had happened. We have been killing it since! 


There's a LOT more to this story, but I don't want to bore you with any more details. Just know that I am rooting for all of you in your fitness journey, whether it's at my gym, or not.

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